About our non-profit

The aim of the IPsec and Network Security e.V. is to build a strong open source/protocol community to make network security ready for the next generation. The activities shall extend and support the work of standardization organizations with respect to real world implementation and use cases on open source operating systems.

Network security technologies became increasingly important over recent years. In the view of professional attacks against the core network infrastructure happening these days, network security technologies must be continously developed to make the network infrastructure futureproof.

IPsec as the major layer 3 network security protocol plays an important role in securing todays network. However, as networks continue to become more and more complex, network security technologies, like IPsec, must keep up with that increasing complexity. 


  • Develop a knowledge exchange platform
  • Strengthening the international community
  • Prepare the IPsec protocol for future demands
  • Improving opensource IPsec implementations
  • Organizing common events, meetings & activities

Idea exchange

  • Research & development
  • Collaborate with university researchers
  • Promotion of young developers & researchers
  • Tendering of research topics to the scientific community for close cooperation


  • Collaborate with us and the network security community
  • Invite your organization to join us
  • Contribute your ideas and concepts to make future communication secure and efficient

Join us

Become a private or corporate member of the IPsec and Network Security Association to gain access to our annual conferences.

Contact us for more information info@linux-ipsec.org